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Best or Worst Yelp Reviews of Grand Canyon National Park

Sometimes we just need to sit back and laugh and thank our lucky stars that we have some of the best and most appreciative (of the wild) passengers in the biz. They understand that the Grand Canyon is more than a big ditch, but a glimpse into history and an awe inspiring wild resource that can serve up some of the best rapids in the world. Keep in mind, that the reviews below are from people who only visited from the rim.

The opinions in this post are only that of those who posted them… as well as their spelling errors.

On the edge “whilst drunk”
“Whatever you do, be warned that there are no barriers around the edges which fall about 300-900 feet into the depths of the Canyon. Do not take pictures or have pictures taken of yourself without being serious. Do not hover about the Canyon whilst drunk. You will fall over the edge and you will die.”

[Reference this article or read “Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon Canyon” by Michael P. Ghiglieri and Thomas M. Myers for more information.]

“Whoopity do, Grand Canyon. You are a giant hole in the ground. You were caused be erosion. You don’t have roller coasters or dippin’ dots. Jeeesh. Can you say “overrated?”

Build a road through the canyon
I just don’t understand why they won’t build a road, aerial tramway, elevator, or SOMETHING that gives easier access to the canyon’s depths. To people who say that building anything would ruin the Grand Canyon, I would say this – did building a road into Yosemite Valley ruin Yosemite?”

[It has been attempted friend – as seen in these boondoggles: Brown/Stanton Expedition and the more recent Grand Canyon Escalade Project]

Big w(h)oop?
“ehh. i’ve seen better. big woop.”

Worth .75 cents
“Yes, it was beautiful but it was not worth $30.  I paid the price and got the experience but will never pay $30 again to go see a hole in the ground.  No matter how beautiful it is.  I can just get a postcard for .75 cents and get the same picture.”

No animals
“Once you have been to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon is a joke, and I’m an Arizona native. There are no animals…

no greenery…

no clear blue streams…


just a muddy river, rock, and sheer cliffs. You’ll go “ooh” and “ahh” for 30 seconds, and then feel guilty that you’re ready to leave after that.”

I’m imagining that these folks are in the minority. Check our our Yelp reviews!