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What If I Have A CPAP Machine?

I don’t think it can be said enough that Grand Canyon river trips are an excursion into a remote wilderness with zero opportunity to replenish supplies and evacuation can often be hours away. This can cause trepidation for some, but for most, it’s an exciting element to a vacation outside of the norm. The decision to run the Colorado River requires a calculation about what medical precautions you could do without if it were to all of a sudden become unavailable. In this blog we will talk specifically about CPAP machines.

We’ve had many guests over the years successfully bring their CPAP machines without issue, but you’ll need to consider a back up plan if the machine were to fail or the power supply were to run out. A phone call to our office or a conversation with your doctor is a good place to start when thinking through your on-river medical requirements. Below are details on what we supply and what you will need to do to prepare for your trip.

What We Supply

Arizona River Runners has a desire to provide access to the Grand Canyon for everyone with an adventurous spirit. Because of this philosophy, we make certain accommodations for folks with sleep apnea or other conditions that might benefit from using a CPAP machine. We will provide each guest who brings a CPAP machine with one 12V battery to run your machine at night. 


What you need to do or supply

Should you decide to bring your machine with you, here is what you need to do and what you’ll need to supply:

  • Be sure to list “CPAP” on the registration form for your trip, so we know to pack a battery for you.
  • You need to supply the appropriate DC power adapter (alligator clips seen below) for your machine. Check out to purchase adapters.
  • You may need to carry the battery (about 60 pounds) between the raft and your campsite.
  • If your machine has a humidifier, you will need to disable/remove the humidifier for your river trip. We are limited to how many batteries we can bring, and our batteries do not have the power capacity to run humidifiers.
  • If your machine does not fit inside your duffel bag, you will also need to bring your own dry bag to store it in while on the river.
  • Speak with your doctor to decide what to do if your CPAP machine failed to work while on the trip.



This is the type of situation where questions are highly encouraged. If there is any confusion, please don’t hesitate to call our office.