Each participant must:

  1. Be 8 years or older for a motorized trip or 12 years or older for an oar-powered trip and accompanied by an adult if under the age of 18.
  2. Be able to properly wear provided coast-guard approved personal flotation device.
  3. Remain seated and balanced on raft, with the assistance of hand-held straps, through rapids.
  4. Board and exit the raft independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  5. If on an Partial Canyon trip, be able to hike or otherwise ascend/descend 10 miles on the Bright Angel Trail with a personal backpack containing all personal gear and all food and water for the hike and be able to properly maintain personal health and hydration levels.
  6. Be able to assist in self rescue in the event of a capsized raft or being thrown from the raft.
  7. Be able to comprehend and follow instructions.